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Fanfic Masterpost

I think I finally have enough fanfic on this journal to start one of these. Otherwise just use the tags to find things.

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Title: Brimstone Synthesis (or How Samuel Winchester Escaped From Hell To Go Stand Under A Streetlamp)
Author: ikira
Pairings/Characters: Gen. Sam, Michael, Adam, Lucifer, Bela, Meg, OMC, OFC, a general chorus of demons, hellhounds and other denizens of Hell.
Rating: PG-13.
Word count: ~4k
Spoilers: through 5.22 "Swan Song." AU as of Season 6
Warnings: Some swearing, violence, disturbing imagery, grossness, unnatural creatures, bad cooking, good cooking, bad plans, rituals, flaming chariots, angels, demons, hellhounds, dragons, and pretty much anything that can be found in Hell.
Summary: Sam is trapped after falling into Lucifer's Cage. It is cold, dark, and empty, and alone anyone would be driven mad. But he hadn't been alone in his fall, and he isn't alone now. This is the story of how Sam found family, conquered personal demons, conquered regular demons, and escaped from Hell. And everything in between.

Author's Notes: Reposting because someone asked and something happened to the original o_O; I give no guarantee to the quality as I've lost the beta-ed copy of this chapter, so it's here in the raw original form. Any errors are my own. (Unfortunately the masterpost got eaten too, so if you're looking for previous chapters just check the Brimstone Synthesis tag)

Here at the end of all thingsCollapse )
To whomever is trying to contact me about the Brimstone Synthesis missing links:

A) I can't believe you're reading that! I didn't think anyone would be interested especially as its so old and non-canon now

B) I will try fixing the links but if that doesn't work just PM me and I'll send you the original document. Just let me know if that's okay (I'm not sure why but even though I get the email alerts about your comments they're not showing up on the actual page. Might be easiest to just PM me)
Title: Magical Girl Sam Winchester - Guardian of the Heart!
Pairings/Characters: Wincest
Genre: Crack
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 27, 382
Warnings: Cross Dressing, Crack, and THE POWER OF LOVE

Summary: Sam already had a lot on his plate dealing with getting Dean back from Hell, Lillith trying to free Lucifer, and Angels ordering them around. But then Dean gets attacked by a creature that neither of them have ever encountered before, and they're completely outclassed. Desperate, Sam agrees to make a contract with the strange magical creature. In exchange, Sam gains the Power of the Heart, allowing him to transform into the magical girl known as the Guardian of the Heart! Now Sam has to deal with the fact that he's fighting monsters in a ridiculously frilly pink magical girl outfit, using magical heart powers, while trying to keep Dean in the dark so that he's not humiliated. On top of that, Fefelli seems convinced that there's more between him and Dean than just brotherly affection. Considering he's willingly become a magical girl just to protect Dean, Fefelli might be right...

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Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Author's Notes and Acknowledgements

Amazing art this way

PDF Version (THANK YOU matchboximpala)

Fic: The Book of Days (Far and Away) [1/1]

Title: The Book of Days (Far and Away)
Genre: Uhhh...romance? I don't know...
Rating: PG
Warnings: Boys kissing boys, girls kissing boys, some bad Italian again, Apple Shenanigans, probably some canon errors. Spoilers for AC1?
Pairings/Characters: Ezio/Leo, Altair/Malik/Maria. Also present are Jabal, Mario, Machiavelli, and various background characters.
Length: 9,645
Summary: For this prompt on the Assassin's Creed kink meme. Leonardo gets sent back to Altair's time due to the power of the Apple of Eden. Thankfully he is picked up by Altair before any Templars can get a hold of him. But somehow he must find his way back home, despite being centuries in the past and a huge language barrier, so he can return to those he left behind, especially Ezio.

(Title from the Enya song I listened to while writing)

This way became my journeyCollapse )
Title: Ezio and Me and Baby Makes Three [1/1]
Genre: Crackish? Fluff I guess
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing
Warnings: References to violence/prostitution. REALLY BAD ITALIAN I'M SO SORRY. BAD IN GENERAL
Pairings/Characters: Minor Ezio/Leonardo. Mostly OCs including Angelo the really inexperienced Borgia Guard, and the Baby
Length: 9,955
Summary: For this prompt on the Assassin's Creed kink meme (OH GOD I MEANT TO WRITE THIS SO LONG AGO IT'S SO OLD). Ezio stumbles upon a baby while fighting with a Borgia Guard. Because the Guard refuses to leave the baby in the care of an Assassin and Ezio refuses to leave her in the hands of a Borgia loyalist, they have to work together to return the baby to her parents, hopefully without killing each other, or her.

Ezio is not equipped to deal with this shitCollapse )