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6 May 1988
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Hi! *waves* I'm a co-op student who just finished third year University. I was a Drama Major at a special High school for the arts (could you tell?), but strangely enough, I'm now studying Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Science is awesome and I love it.

I'm an uber-geek in that I'm a fan of literally just about anything considered geeky or nerdy. I'm also a big slash/yaoi fangirl, although I dig the occational het pairing. I'm also just a fangirl in general (and all that implies), and I'm a stage ninja at most major cons in the GTA. I've also become the Masquerade Director for a small new con located in Guelph, called Con-G. We're tiny, but we are AWESOME.

I cosplay, write fic, and draw some fanart, though most of it never sees the light of the internet. Yeah, and I'm hyper. I guess that's long enough.
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